Should You Mine Cryptocurrency with your Personal PC?

Short Answer:

  • Yes, you should most certainly mine crypto with your personal PC as long as you meet the below requirements
  • In short, the benefit is that you are paying off your computer during off-times when you are not using your personal PC with little to no risk of damage to your computer components.
  • Personally, I mine both on a laptop connected to an external GPU Enclosure (Razer Core X) with a 6900XT and my personal gaming PC with a RTX 2080ti. My personal gaming PC has been mining for over 2 years without issues.

Mining Requirements:

  • The GPU of your computer is powerful enough so that the value of crypto you’re earning in mining is greater than the cost of electricity. Link to resource on expected earnings by GPU
  • You are OK with paying the $10 – $20 dollars more in electricity cost a month
  • The airflow and cooling of your case allows you to run your GPU under 71 degrees in core temps, and 85 in memory temps without your GPU fans speed exceeding 75%. This is so that there isn’t significant wear and tear from mining.
  • You are underclocking and undervolting your GPU to ensure that you are maximizing computing power while reducing power consumption.
  • You are mining crypto currencies with risk levels you are comfortable with. Not all cryptocurrencies are made equal. Some are highly speculative like Dogecoin and others safer like Ethereum. Cryptocurrency is speculative and is highly susceptible to volatility.
  • You understand the process of converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency (e.g. USD) with crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.
  • In case of the worst-case scenario where your GPU dies, you have the cash reserve to quickly replace the GPU and/or the GPU is under warranty.


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