The Absolute Best Portfolio Tracking App for Android and Apple

Sometimes the simplest thing is the most difficult to find. For me, it was finding a portfolio app that can cleanly track my trades, portfolio performance and a way to export my trades. Most importantly, it needs a clean layout without overly excessively flood me with ads every 2 seconds.

My Stock Portfolio & Widget

I’ve been using this app for about 2 years and I must say, it keeps getting better.

Basic Features:

  • Real-time stocks for US and international markets
  • Track your portfolio holdings and calculate realized and unrealized gains using FIFO
  • Track holdings based on your home currency or the default currency of the stock
  • Price alerts sent as a notification on your phone
  • Historical data for each stock in full screen charts

Features I love:

  • Real time news for every symbol you’re tracking
  • Backup and restore your trading data in a CSV file
  • Ability to transfer your trades directly to Google Drive
  • Tracking of after-hour price changes
  • Ability to track different portfolios and exclude specific portfolios from total calculations

Other than the battery life it burns on my phone since I check my portfolio so often, there isn’t any downside to this app. If you want the best app to track your portfolio, I definitely recommend downloading this app.

Click here to download for Android.

Click here to download for Apple.