The Best Stock Screener for Everyday Investors

When I started my investment journey, one of the most difficult challenge was aggregating financial data, consumer sentiments and analyst estimates all in one place. Another key factor that was important was customizability. I wanted a tool that can easily customize the metrics I want to look at and reduce the noise.

I’ve tried a few free tools such as the screeners from Yahoo Finance and Seeking Alpha. Though the tools work great, the tool that complete changed the game for me was Stock Rover.

What is Stock Rover?

Stock Rover is an investment research tool that can screen stocks and provide detailed research reports. It also has the ability for portfolio reporting and charting, but I feel that there are better alternatives.

Screening Capabilities

The amount of data Stock Rover provides is limitless. There are hundreds of metrics you can use to screen stocks. From earning estimates, analyst estimates, profitability vs sector or SP500, Stock Rover covers everything. For those unfamiliar with financial terminology, the metrics also have great descriptions that describes the metrics.

Another great capability is that when you select a metric, it tells you the values to filter for the top 10 percentile, the median and 90th percentile. This helps give direction on which values to enter into the filter ranges.

My favorite feature is the ability to find the top stocks based on your filters, without entering specific numbers. For example, if I wanted to filter the stocks with the highest 5-year EPS average, operating income and sales within the SP500, Stock Rover makes it very easy to do so. The best part is you can set specific weights on each metric if you want the metrics to be weighted differently when ranking the stocks.

Lastly Stock Rover also allows you to create your own formulas. For example, you can enter this formula   “EPS [Now] ” > “EPS [Y5] ” to filter for stocks that the EPS today is greater than the EPS 5 years ago.

Screening Views

Stock Rover gives you the capabilities to customize your views. For example, I have separated my metrics into 4 views: Value, Growth, Dividend, and Drawdown.

When researching stocks to invest in, I can quickly review metrics to determine whether if the stock is over/under valued, does it have high growth potential, does it pay a high and stable dividend, and what is the risk involved in holding the stock over the last few years.

If you want a more traditional view, similar to something you’ll find on yahoo finance, you can change the layouts from a traditional table view to an insight view.

Once you have the screeners parameters set, Stock Rover also allows you to set alerts so you can get a notification once the stocks meet your criteria.

Overall, the customizability is great and the data available is the best I’ve seen. I haven’t faced any challenges when using the tool and it’s very easy to pick up and use for the first time.

Research Reports

This was the feature that sold me on premium. The research report provides an incredible overview for the stock. It has a section for analyst consensus, valuation, growth and return summaries, earning estimates and surprises, comparisons versus it’s peers and much more. Click here to view an example research report for Apple.


When I first started learning about investing, this was the most helpful feature in Stock Rover. The library is a place that has pre-built screeners, portfolios examples from large hedge funds, and pre-built baskets of stocks in certain popular industries such as artificial intelligence.

For example, a pre-built screener I’ve frequently use is the Buffettology inspired. This screener is based on criteria described in the bestselling Buffettology book. The company should have a 10-year track record of generally increasing EPS with no negative earnings years; long-term debt not more than 5 times annual earnings; average ROE over the past ten years at least 15%, average ROIC over the last 10 years at least 12%, and earnings yield should be higher than the long term Treasury yield.

Is It Worth It?

I’m currently on the premium plus plan and so far, I have found great value in looking for outperforming stocks in the S&P500. I’ve only been on the premium plus plan so I can’t comment on the value between the price plans, but the prices between the plan is not too outrageous. The essential plan is at $7.99 a month, premium at $17.99 a month, and the premium plus plan at $27.99 a month.

I would definitely recommend at least checking out the tool to see if it is right for you. It has provided me great value over the years and I’ve learnt a lot through the process.

Check out Stock Rover here: