Monthly Returns of S&P 500 since 2000

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Quick analysis of S&P 500 monthly returns over the last 20 years. Wanted to see whether there were any patterns on a month to month basis. Is there specific months that had a higher probability of growth?

Statistically, it’s mostly noise in terms of monthly returns. However, there are still a few interesting insights.

There were 2 major downturns in March and in Oct over the last 20 year. Oct was because of the financial crisis of 08′ and March was due to Covid in 20′. April 20′ however had a swift recovery with a >10% increase shortly after March 20′.

The index drops significantly faster than it rises on a monthly basis. During bear market corrections, it drops between 5% to 10%. Bull markets only see increases of about 5%.

For more insights of recessions over the last 100 years, check out this post: From Peak to Valley: Historical S&P 500 Recessions


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