How Do You Explain Marketing to Someone Who Doesn’t Know What It Is?

    For a person not in business, marketing can be a confusion term because it represents so much. There’s sales, advertising, branding, social media, influencers, content strategy and so much more jargon.

    But at the most basic level, marketing is communicating the value of your product to the consumer.

    Breaking it down:

    1. Identifying the customer problem
    2. Create a message on why your product is the best at solving the problem
    3. Find where you can communicate this message to your customers

    Let’s use an example:

    Let say you’ve created the best frying pan in the world. You’ve done your research and noticed that lots of users need to buy a separate meat thermometer to make sure poultry is cooked before serving.

    So what you create is a frying pan that’s non-stick, lasts forever, and have the ability to track whether meats are fully cooked.

    The customer problem: Difficult to track when poultry is fully cooked before serving

    How you solved it: Frying pan automatically lights up when the meat is cooked to perfect

    Where to communicate it: Recipe blogs, Food Channel etc…

    Make sure the message is straight to the point and clearly choose a message that differentiates you with your competition. Marketing is easy but you’re not doing it right unless the message can stick to the minds of the consumer.


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