Big Money Energy – Ryan Serhant

In “Big Money Energy”, Serhant will show readers how he tapped into his Big Money Energy to crush his goals and achieve huge success, earning his first million before he turned thirty. Whether you’re a self-made entrepreneur, a corporate executive or barista, Serhant will teach you how to climb the ladder to success better and faster than anyone else.

  • Framework for success
    • Envision the person you’re trying to be and live by it
    • Don’t let fate control your destiny
  • Big Money Energy
    • The type of energy in a person that has the ability to control the room
    • The ability to give off the perception that this person was extremely successful
    • About knowing what you want and getting it
  • How to prioritize problems to eliminate quickly
    • Red zone: when problems show up, one thing they do better than anything else is that it eats into your minutes
    • Those who are successful have a way of being more time efficient than everyone else through time management
    • Can’t let the problems can’t derail you
    • Think about your day as 1,000 minutes and as you wake up everyday, you’re the CEO of the bank of your time
    • Every problem, every task costs you minutes, and minutes equates to money
    • It’s about changing your mindset that you’re losing money for wasting time
    • Framework: Control (don’t worry about things you can’t control), Perspective (expect that you will have problems, but don’t let it derail you), Re-engage (do not let problems suck up the rest of your day)
  • Life traps
    • Delaying tasks to be done. Speed is success and those who are successfully doing things immediately and in the present.
    • Perfection trap where you are over analyzing and over thinking a simple task and end up spending more time than required on it
  • Setting time for growth
    • First figure out what you want to grow in
    • Figure out what the “Growth work is”: For Ryan, it’s about meeting new people and his growth work was to go to events and meet 3 new people
    • To stay committed, instead of calling it work, Ryan calls it a game and he made it so that he can’t leave until he has met 3 new people
  • Advise for those losing motivation
    • Build a routine around the monthly, quarterly or annual goals you have set for yourself
    • Figure out the routine that works for you
    • Stick to the routine no matter what
  • Check list of investment property
    • Would I live here if everything blows up?
    • Math has to work that you can carry the cost if everything blows up
    • Great light, air and potential
  • Key takeways from book
    • You can’t commit to GOING BIGGER if there’s even a small part of you that just doesn’t believe it’s possible.
    • Earning millions of dollars starts with a simple but powerful belief—that there’s no limit to how much money you can actually make.
    • You must have positivity to succeed. You badly want your dreams to come true and that’s why you can’t let negativity weigh you down.


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