2: The Next 5 Years

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I am currently 30 and I’m now rethinking my accomplishments in my last 10 years. It’s been up and down and a roller-coaster of a ride, but a few things remain constant:

  1. I love building things from scratch
  2. Financial forecasting and analytics is what I’m extremely passionate about
  3. As I get older, there’s less time in my day

I’m a goal setter but I’ve seem to continually push my deadlines. I wanted to focus on health but got distracted by career. I wanted to build a business but that only lasted for a year. Now that I’m 30, my 1/3 life crisis (if that’s even a thing) is hitting me.

This is my commitment to myself for the next 5 years.

2022 – Year 1: Stabilize life (work + personal routine)

2023 – Year 2: Launch of OKR (free tool for SPX analysis)

2024 – Year 3: Launch of OKR Pro (tool to analyze individual SPX stocks)

2025 – Year 4: Proven investment strategy for 20% annualized returns

2026 – Year 5: $1M stock portfolio [excluding real estate + crypto]


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