4: Front End Update – V1.0

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Just a minor update in the frontend of the website. Was able to make some headway on the login/sign up and navigation bars. On the login front, nothing too different than any other login page. I want to make sure it’s easy to login with both an email or with a Google account.

I wanted easy access from the login page to also create an account with a similar UX feel. Also, security is also important so I wanted to incorporate a visual password security indicator to ensure users are creating safe passwords.

For the navigation side, only the side and top bars have been created. On the sidebar, there will be easy access to all the products / services that OKR offers. Also, in the bottom of the sidebar, I wanted to make sure the support page is easily accessible. Support and feedback will be core to this community so I want to make sure it stays visible to the user rather than buried in the foot bar.

The top bar will change depending on the product selected. For the forecast tool it’ll only simply have a search bar to easily search the forecasts for any S&P500 company. The profile will also show in the top bar where the user can easily manage subscriptions and any account settings.

I’m still debating whether to put the quick links for each tool in the top bar or a subsection within the tool. As I work on the main content page of the forecast tool, that’s when I’ll have more insights to where I put the links to financials, news and analysis.

I’m still struggling to figure where to put alerts or notifications. The idea here is that an user can see whether if an alert was triggered (similar to a chat messaging system) on the frontend and the ability to easily turn alerts on and off.

Keep following for more. The next month, I’ll be focusing on the front end of the forecast tool. Target of the design is to keep it simple for the everyday investor, while having the ability to provide additional insights for those seeking more.


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