3: OKR Tool Version 1.0 Blueprint

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I have always been managing my portfolio a series of python scripts duct taped together into a working product. My goal here is to build a more robust version of my portfolio tool and be able to access it on the web anytime.

This is the first blueprint that I’m looking to build.

The tool should have 4 tabs:

  • Forecast: This is provide a price forecast based on fundamentals, technical, macroeconomics and sentiment. It should also show any technical support or resistance lines if the stock is trading within a range.
  • Financials: Easy to understand fundamentals, and only showcases fundamentals that have a correlation to it’s future returns. Not looking to build out a whole income statement, but only focus on the metrics that matter.
  • News: I want to be able to analyze both current and historical news. More specifically, I want to weed out the noise and only focus on the catalysts that’s going on. I’m not looking for speculative articles, but really big news that’s going on around the world.
  • Analysis: This is still a TBD. I’m not sure if I want an analysis section for every stock (don’t have the bandwidth or support staff to make this happen). I might have a separate analysis section that has a live update on current metrics.

Forecast Section

I’ll focus more in this section since this is going to be the MVP version of the tool. I’m looking to build out a SP500 only version that’s would be free to anyone, forever.

Starting with the summary, I’m hoping that we can build a community large enough together where we have the ability to submit weekly forecasts. I’m hoping to gamify this process by rewarding the users with the more accurate and consistent forecasts, but nothing concentrate yet on what that might be.

The line chart will be the bread and the butter of the tool. It should clearly indicate historical performance what that the future might look like. I’m not sure on the PE/PS/PB chart yet. It’s a metric I consistently use myself, but it’s only a lagging indicator.

The top should be easily accessible tabs to more information. Most importantly is the Add to Watchlist button. Not useful in the MVP version as the tool will only have 1 stock: SP500. But as it grows, I want to automate the process of stocks users are tracking and have the ability to set automatic alerts if stock is X% above or below forecasts.

Potential Features

Here are some features I’m still giving some thought if I want to implement.

  • Ability for user to adjust model forecast and save their parameters
  • Ability to users to build their own forecasts using preset models
  • Ability for users to set their own forecasts, and share it within their profile. Provides a community aspect where you can follow users with active profiles / accurate forecasts
  • Ability for users to submit their own analysis for any stock to OKR
  • Prebuilt screeners to find the most undervalued stock (based on OKR logic)
  • “Live” analytic reports that can integrate with the blog. This way each blog article can remain relevant over time.
  • Slow expansion of stocks (potentially 50 stocks at a time by market cap)
  • Increased API connection with more data sets
  • … I’ll continue to update this list as I have more


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